Mike Moats Post Processing Tips

Many people like the creative look of my images and ask how I do it.  This program has 25 videos covering my use of the tools I use within Photoshop Elements, Nik Software, Topaz, and Smart Photo Editor.

Simple Processing with Photoshop Elements - Resizing My Images for Print or Web - Texture Overlays - Appling Sharpness to My Images

Nik Software
Exposure Adjustment using Viveza2 - Structure Slider in Viveza2 - Rescuing a Poorly Shot Image - Spot Lighting a Subject  

Bi-Color User Define Filter in Color Efex Pro - Processing Strings in Color Efex Pro - Black and White Processing with Silver Efex Pro2 –
Detail Extractor Pulls Colors and Details - Processing Images with Textures - Spurge Plant Processing

Topaz Simplify4 Introduction - Remove or soften spots and textures with Simplify4 - Topaz Impression Introduction

Creative Painted Looks with Impression - Topaz Glow Introduction - Brilliant on Black filter in Glow

Smart Photo Editor
Introduction to Smart Photo Editor - Creating Sun Rays - Rainy Window in Smart

Create an Image in a Book - Adding Textures in Smart Photo Editor

Mike Moats Post Processing Tips
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